Saturday, February 15, 2020

 Exelon 2020 Bald Eagle Photo Contest Award

My image received the Photographer's Choice Award in this year's contest!

It was taken on Fisherman's Wharf below the Conowingo Dam, and captured the bird we nicknamed Scooter  successfully defending his fish from a challenging juvenile. 

Scooter perched in a sycamore tree on the bank of the river as he scanned the water below waiting for his opportunity.  I had seen him doing this on several occasions. This particular morning I waited for nearly an hour. I was ready to give up when in a flash, he dove to the water and snatched his breakfast.  

It's one thing to catch a fish.  It's quite another to keep it!  Scooter kept his fish!

Mine, all mine!

Fred Smith presenting my award
Photo by Averril Good